Server Time, Website - GMT -3
Buffs, Dances and Songs Duration - 2 hours
Maximum Buff Slots - 28 + 4 Divine books
Custom Armor: Titanium | Dark Knight
Custom Weapon: S-grade and Epic
Custom Acessories: Tattoo's and Acessories
Anti-Bot System (SmartGuard) + Captcha
Geodata and Pathnodes - Yes
Quest Sub-Class - No
Sub Class Maximum Level - 80
Master Class - Yes
Offline Shop mode - Yes
Auto Learn Skills - Yes
Auto Learn Loot - Yes
Auto Learn Raid & Grand Boss Loot - No
PvP Color System - Yes
Champions System - Yes
Wedding System - Yes


Experience (EXP) - 1000x
Skill Points (SP) - 1000x
Adena - 5000x


Safe Enchant - 6
Max. Enchant Weapon - 25
Max. Enchant Armor / Jewels - 20
Olympiad Max Enchant - 6
Normal Scroll Chance - 50%
Blessed Scroll chance 85% and does not crystallize
Epic Scroll chance 70% and is safe
If enchantment fails? lose only scroll!
Golden Scroll Chance - 100%

5% chance to gain Augments (not skills)
STR, INT, CON, MEN, WIT etc ...


Here you will find the description of the L2 MIGHT automatic events.

Team vs Team
Competition between two teams wins the team that defeats the most players of the opposing team in a certain period of time. 10 Event - Coin Award for the winning team.
Additional 5 Event Coin Prize for best player of the event. (Vips has 2x drop in Events)
Events take place every 1 hour

Party Event
An event that gives rise to certain special drop monsters
Giving enchants epics, farms, adena, event coin, among other items
With fixed times at: 10:00 | 14:00 | 19:00 | 23:00 | 03:00
Duration of this Event is 70 minutes!

Olympiads Anti-Feed

Based on player complaints, we have developed this system, which is intended to prevent corruption by players in the Olympiads, so it may be fair competition. This system basically consists of hiding information and accessories from your character to whom you watch and to your opponent, being shown only the name of your class, armor and weapon. The Chat players are also blocked. In other words, no one know who you're fighting with. In addition, the fights are grouped according to the points of the players, so that a very high scoring player does not compete with a very low scoring.


Farm System: All game hunting areas drop exclusively Adena, Farm Coins, varying only according to their level. The remaining drops, considered disposable on a PvP server (materials, recipes, parts, etc.) have been completely removed from the game.

NPCs - Weapon, armor and accessory NPCs are uniquely customized to provide a unique experience in a fun and competitive environment.

Raid & Grand Boss: All Raid and Grand Bosses in the game have modified drops and status. Raid and Grand Boss drops and strength will vary based on your level. Drops may include: Equipment, Giant's Codex, Events Coin, Farms and Epic Enchants, Boss Jewels.

No quest is required to go to the Grand Boss, you can teleport directly through (Gk Global).

Raid Boss zone Limit: 3 Partys (27 players) per Clan / Ally.

Grand Boss zone Limit: 3 Partys (27 players) per Clan / Ally.

Nobless Party Kill Barakiel - LAST HIT
Automatic Change PVP Zone
Siege Every 7 Days, Hours: 16:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Olympiada Hours 18:00 | 00:00 Grade-S +6.

NO CUSTOM! Heroes of delivery every 14 days.

All configurations and features not entered here are Retail, ie the same as the official Lineage II, or were considered irrelevant.